Tino Piontek was born in Dresden on 12 February 1980, and grew up in East Germany until 1989 when the wall came down and both parts of Germany subsequently reunited. In 1996, he started producing with the program Cubase and some synthesizers; at the same time he discovered house music on the Dresden nightlife scene.[1] He became active as a DJ himself and in 2012 his first productions appeared. From then on, international DJ performances began and in 2017 his debut album was released on the label Sony Music Entertainment. He celebrated his greatest success so far in August 2020 with the song « Hypnotized« , which he recorded for the vocals together with Sophie and the Giants, which peaked at number two on the Italian singles chart, receiving double platinum certification.[2] In the same year he produced the official remixes of Dua Lipa‘s « Don’t Start Now« , Kylie Minogue‘s « Magic » and Lady Gaga‘s « Rain on Me« .[3] He has his own SiriusXM show on Studio 54 on Fridays called « Purple Disco Tales ».[4]

In 2023, he won a Grammy award under the category of Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for his remix of Lizzo‘s « About Damn Time« .[5]