Raul Facio – Amnesia (Original Mix)

The young American producer Raul Facio has been making music for the last five years or so, and by his own admission has been heavily inspired by the sounds of Senso. With the bossman Oliver Huntemann having shown support for Facio’s previous releases, it was only a matter of time before he joined the roster. “I was very excited to begin working on music to send him, I knew it could be the start of something great, » says Facio. And indeed it is – three tracks of pure Senso vibes from start to finish. ‘Look at Me When I Think Of You’ is a beast – a thick kick and firing percussion sets the tone for a galloping techno smasher. Title track ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ wrings out a rubbery deep bassline and couples it with a crisp, driving groove – the tension and release in the track is pure Senso. ‘Amnesia’ is a shade darker – heavy techno for the warehouse or main room – this is guaranteed to bring the dancefloor to a boil.

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